About Blind Seed

It all started when...

In 2016, two homieloverfriends joined forces with a kernel of intention: to create a crucible for meditative action, knowledge and creativity unleashed.

The idea intoxicated them both and spurred their partnership beyond their backgrounds in yoga, mindfulness and wholesome foods + nutrition. They envisioned communal care, creating a space for recharging, and exchanging the life-hacks and practices that help people thrive in vibrant cityscapes. They felt the lightness of quiet play and exploration. They spoke of a safe place for full hearts and whole humans, a place flooded by the sweet scent of well-made memories; and in this place close to home, where ideas germinate and manifest, they would hold space for friends and neighbors.

Within a year, their intention grew into a participatory experience greater than their vision.


Blind Seed

“The seed never sees the tree.”

Inspired by this zen proverb, Blind Seed nurtures growth for city-dwellers with an interest in clean living and self-expansion. We believe that each of us is a blind seed, unaware of our own capacity for beauty and greatness- yet when we're driven, lifted, and nurtured, we are all able to grow and exceed even our own expectations.



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