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Blind Seed is a creative organization presenting intimate experiences designed to cultivate clarity and build positive momentum through self-care, meditative movement, and collective socially conscious education.

Presented by Blind Seed, HeartCamp is our main event- a seasonal, weekend retreat to a judgment-free space in the Hudson Valley. At HeartCamp, we give ourselves permission to slow down, feel well, and connect to each other. 

Think: Sprawling green fields. Summer fruit with local cheese. Winding roads. Farmers markets. Meditation hikes. Sunset forests. Pool lounging. Sun gazing. Penciled paper. Coffee alternatives. Morning yoga. Intention setting. Vegetarian family meals. Transcendent sound bath experiences. Practicing silence. Celestial workshops. Morning tea in the library. Turning pages. Curling smoke. Dialogue. Quiet time. Deep gratitude.

HeartCamp builds an educational and self-empowerment component into a restorative yoga retreat framework. Clean food and beverages included are sustainable, local and organic. Opportunities for play, rest and learning are customized for participants, who leave feeling recharged and relaxed- and overall, empowered to continue creating positive momentum in their life.

Our early-Summer, Fall/Winter, and Spring HeartCamps all sold out and were a huge success. And our upcoming Summer HeartCamp, hosted at a gorgeous upstate NY estate, is now open for registration!

Reserve your spot today!

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A Typical Play Day

A Typical Play Day


Wake up early in camping or shared room/queen room accommodations and enjoy morning yoga or sleep in until breakfast is set out. Enjoy cold brew or tea alongside a full continental breakfast spread including offerings like fresh smoothies and make your own parfaits with local, organic yogurt, honey, fresh fruit, and granola.

Shared spaces are requested to be "silent" until 10AM so that you can take the morning to reflect, write, read a book on the porch while cuddled in a blanket, or go for a morning hike on a neighboring path.

At 10:30AM, attend an optional workshop hosted by one of our featured healers.


Lunch is set out in the afternoon for you to help yourself to and eat where you please- on the porch, in one of the common lounge areas, under a tree on the grounds, or anywhere else!

Lunch is followed by an optional educational workshop hosted by one of our featured healers.  The afternoon workshops typically last 2-3 hours and can focus on herbal foraging + amber resin making, letter writing, indigo & natural plant dying, essential oil creation for your energetic composition, salve & balm creation for what ails you, etc.

Or join us for a tea ceremony & conversation where you learn how to make your own custom tea blend to ground or uplift your respective dosha and discuss the properties of Ayurvedic Healing.

The rest of the afternoon is open for inspiration and for what moves you- choose to lead a small hike, head into town to visit the farmers market, or just spend the day relaxing on the grounds.


An evening flow yoga class is offered at 5:30PM, followed by dinner served at 7PM. On Saturday, we will welcome a guest Chef for a family-style dinner and discussion about sustainable food sourcing practices.

Dinner is typically followed by "Digestion & Dialogue," hosted around the hearth, where we will choose a socio-political topic to dialogue on.

If the HeartCamp you attend falls around a New or Full Moon, we will likely host a Moon Ceremony and/or Breathwork workshop on one of the evenings as well.

In the evening, a featured healer offers an additional workshop- in the past we've offered transcendent soundbath meditations as well as a workshop on harnessing the elements for your personal manifestations.

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Daily Meals

Daily Meals


At HeartCamp, we serve wholesome vegetarian meals all sourced from local New York farms.  The meals are prepared fresh each day with love by co-founder Sara Elise (owner of Harvest & Revel, a Brooklyn-based catering company).


A stationary evening spread will be set out to eat at your leisure as you arrive and get settled in.

On Friday evening, there will be a Welcoming Intention Setting Workshop for the weekend with provided tea.


A stationary continental breakfast spread will be set out to eat at your leisure including cold brew coffee & tea, fresh fruit, fresh bread with local butter and jams, and granola with almond milk and yogurt.

In the afternoon, a light stationary lunch spread will be set out-  think avocado toast with shaved radish, micro greens & sea salt accompanying a large green or grain salad.

Saturday evening, HeartCamp will host a guest chef, who will be sharing her thoughts on sustainability, sourcing, and how to cook for your energetic composition during Family Dinner. 


A stationary brunch spread will be set out for you to eat- think oatmeal with toasted almonds, sweet potato & coconut milk; frittata with herbs, crumbled feta, and garlic scape pesto; herb-roasted potatoes; and fresh fruit.

Sunday dinner will be set out for you to enjoy at your leisure before sitting down for the transcendent sound bath experience with featured healer, Derrick Little.


A fresh smoothie will be made to send you on your way with sustenance!


Throughout each day- iced herbal water and various snacks will be set out available for noshing.

Please make sure to notify us if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.

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When & Where

When & Where



Guests can arrive as early as 3pm on Friday, August 3rd and check-out is at 10:30AM on Monday, August 6th. But guests can leave the grounds + pool area as late as 1pm on Monday. 

Activities begin at 6pm on Friday evening, so please make sure to arrive by that time. We ask that all guests plan to attend for the full retreat- unless otherwise discussed with us.



The Summer edition of Blind Seed HeartCamp is going to be held at a private estate in Lagrangeville in upstate NY.

The exact address and information on how to get there will be sent out to you upon securing your spot.

The residence is approximately a 1-2 hour drive outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Public transportation can also be arranged via Amtrak.
For those taking amtrak, there is a free shuttle service to the estate for friday afternoon arrivals between 4-5PM.


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There are three sleeping accommodation options at HeartCamp- all of which include all workshops, classes, and meals throughout the weekend:

Bring-Your-Own Camping Tent

This listing is the most affordable option for camping accommodations on the private residence grounds. You are expected to bring your own tent, bathroom linen, pool towel, as well as any linens, mattress pad, pillows, etc. for your camping comfort! You will have access to bathrooms/showers in the main residence.

If you'd like for us to provide a tent, pool or bathroom towel, camping mattress, or tent heater- please reach out to us at least 2 weeks prior to HeartCamp to see what arrangements can be made to accommodate.

Shared Room: Cot or Couch Bed

There are two large rooms in the estate that we will use for shared, cot or couch bed accommodations. Dividers will be up separating your cot bed from others, and the dividers can be moved around or removed if desired. We will provide all bed and bathroom linens, pillows, etc. 

Queen Room: Queen Bed

There is a private, luxury queen room in the estate and it has two spots. This accommodation is perfect for a couple or one other person that you'd like to share private accommodations with. Or if you'd like to reserve both spots, please select that option during your checkout process. We will provide all bed and bathroom linens, pillows, etc. 

Reserve your spot at HeartCamp by choosing your accommodation preference.

Included in your HeartCamp accomodation reservation:

- Daily Vegetarian, organic meals using ingredients sourced from Hudson Valley
- Daily Self-Serve organic coffee/tea and snacks, accessible throughout the day
- New or full moon ceremony (if applicable)
- twice daily yoga (morning & Evening)
- All workshop registrations, fees, and supplies for workshops hosted by our featured healers (2-3 workshops OFFERED per day)
- bed Linens + pillows for both queen and shared ACCOMMODATIONS
- bathroom towels for both queen and shared ACCOMMODATIONS
- complimentary Parking on site (limited capacity)
- A gift bag for each attendee filled with local Hudson Valley treats

Reserving your spot at HeartCamp means you will also have access to the following:

 - The estate property with access to the Main floor and the bottom floor with sleeping areas, kitchen, living room with stone hearth fire place, dining den with couches, library, dining area, and two large bathrooms and high ceilings
- An in ground pool directly on premise with pool chairs
- sun decks with seating to eat, relax, or nap
- Access to Hudson River hikes, a walk or drive away
- Access to local morning markets and shopping in town, a close drive away
- Access to neighboring sprawling fields and forests
- Grill on back deck, should you find something in town that you want to cook yourself

During your stay, you will also have the opportunity to schedule private healing sessions with our featured healers, including:

 - energy work: Massage + reiki
- Tarot card readings
- Wellness & Manifestation coaching
- Natal chart reading
- Custom Oil Blend Creation
- Private Yoga Session


Featured Healers

Featured Healers

We're so excited about our featured healers presenting offerings & workshops at HeartCamp and other Blind Seed events throughout the year!

Tara Aura 1.JPG

Tara Aura


Tara Purnell has dedicated her life to celebrating wellness and mindfully meditative arts– empowering people to feel better in their bodies and express their humanity. In 2013, she joined friends to introduce a hydrating, cold-pressed watermelon beverage to the market.  WTRMLN WTR is now sold nationally, and Tara continues to develop partnerships and boldly represent the WTRMLN WTR tribe in new markets. 

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Sara Elise


Sara Elise is the owner-designer of Harvest & Revel, an alternative catering company creating elegant, nutritious and ethically produced culinary experiences. She is also a private chef and a freelance wellness coach- providing sliding scale, community-focused guidance in realizing/remembering your fullest Self and personal expansiveness.



Lauren Silbert is a neuroscientist who studies the underlying neural correlates of communication. Lauren is also an educator and curricula-builder, teaching innovative scientific courses through art at various institutions including NYU, Princeton, and Pioneer Works in Brooklyn NY.

Trae Harris 2.jpg

Trae Harris


Trae Harris is a Brooklynite by way of Baltimore who incorporates movement, poetic writing, film, and esoteric spirituality to re-imagine and highlight the lives and experiences of Queer Back Women in the Americas. Trae is passionately invested in artivism as a form of protest and praise and extends this passion as a facilitator for both youth and adults alike.  

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Derrick little


Derrick Little is a NYC based artist and spiritual warrior who moonlights as a sacred sound musician and kundalini yoga teacher.  He also practices the art of Palmistry, Tarot, and the language of symbols.


Azza Gallab.jpg

Azza Gallab


Azza Gallab is Sudanese-American experience architect living in Brooklyn, NY. She loves to beautify and aroma-fy everything she touches everywhere she goes through candle making, interior design, styling and event design and production. Azza concocts potions for her candle company, Haremesque by mixing classic Sudanese fragrances with other captivating scents she’s fallen in love with throughout her travels to create a unique and spellbinding experience.


Eugene Vassilas

Eugene is a human development specialist, polyglot and entrepreneur. He spent 6 years studying and working with the foremost leaders in human change around the world, before blending the best of NLP, systemic, somatic, and trance work into his own method for his international clients.

He is also VP of the world-class private coaching organization, Handel Group.




Christi is an artist and designer working with traditional methods of textile arts, with a focus on plant derived colorants and their possibilities. Her work unites the transforming and evolving qualities of natural materials with precise and consistent mathematical forms, embracing the dynamics between these contrasting elements. She lives and works in the Catskills, NY as creator of Mixed Color, a collection of naturally dyed fabrics for your body and home.

Jenna Wortham


Jenna Wortham is a writer for the NY Times, podcaster (check out Still Processing!), urban herbalist, empath, and amateur videographer in Brooklyn. She also crafts a collective care newsletter that can be found by clicking the link below.




Jessie is a filmmaker, visual artist, and an arts educator based in Brooklyn. She is passionate about exploring the ways in which individual and collective creative processes can be used to heal and feed us- opening up access to the deepest, most alive, most honest and joyful parts of ourselves. Jessie is inspired by all things wild.

Sung Uni.jpg


Sung is a chef, culinary educator, health counselor, and artist who has been implementing health supportive diets for the last 15 years in various retreat centers, restaurants, and food related businesses. Having gleaned the best attributes of ancient wisdom and nutritional science, she can help you understand what foods are right for you, right now. Integrating home and professional cooking techniques, she works with her clients to build proficiency in the kitchen prepare nourishing foods simply and lovingly. Uni's mission is to instill her passion and reverence for plant-based foods to her clients on their journey to an integrated and healthy lifestyle.


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Personal Experiences

Personal Experiences

Blind Seed HeartCamp has the power to help you help and heal your whole self. From arrival to departure, everything was laid out intentionally for us- but without all the fuss and pretentiousness that typically comes in most wellness spaces. The estate grounds were unreal and I left the space feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Thanks Blind Seed!
— C. D.
Thank you so much for co-creating such a wonderful experience this weekend! The flavors, the energy, the wisdom, the spirit of it all was unforgettable.
— C. S.
Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful time! Tara, I have not done yoga in a few months so I was feeling a little stiff during digestive yoga but there was a touch you did while we were grounding ourselves that was out of this world - I instantly felt rooted and aligned. That was the highlight of my trip!
My boyfriend also sends his heartfelt appreciation, a dip into nature is exactly what he needed!
— A. P.
Last night’s [cacao ceremony + euphoric dance ritual] was great. Sara Elise did a nice job with the meditation and getting people to open and loosen up prior to the dance. Thank you for the cacao, healing food, space and energy. My heart feels much healthier after the retreat and I appreciate Sara Elise and Tara for the experience.
— D. M.
The Blind Seed retreat is a peaceful departure from city life— one I can count on to help me decompress and breathe deeply. Their workshops are nurturing, meditative and love filled. Powered by Sara Elise’s heartfelt, top shelf cuisine, I left the retreat in a much more relaxed state of mind than I’d arrived in.
— T. C.
[HeartCamp] is an amazing experience where nature, energy + astrological, herbal, and healing touches collide, whilst being emerged in a sea of beautiful path walkers trailing similar alchemies. What an experience to gather together to explore yourself (and others, if you shall choose) ... just fast enough to deep breathe yet quick enough to blink your eyes and realize you’ve healed in so many ways thanks to Blind Seed.
— J. C.
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Who goes to
Blind Seed's HeartCamp?

HeartCamp is attended by socially-conscious city-dwellers interested in self-expansion and clean living. You can make your HeartCamp experience your own, as all workshops and discussions are optional. Attend if you'd like to detox, recharge, relax, and empower yourself to align your life positively. Humans of all kinds are welcome.

What is included when I reserve my spot at Blind Seed Heart Camp?




Your Blind Seed HeartCamp reservation includes 3 nights and 4 days rustic lodging accommodations in a private estate in upstate NY. You have full access to the grounds including use of all facilities, hiking trails, and the pool (seasonal access only).

The reservation also includes daily vegetarian meals and snacks, tea ceremonies, twice daily yoga, meditation, skill-share forums, and educational workshops + workshop materials.  Take a look at all of the other great things that are included here.

Reserving your spot consists of choosing which lodging accommodations you'd like for the weekend.  Private as well as rustic shared and camping accommodations are available at different price points.

Can I bring my pet?


All service and therapy animals are welcome at Blind Seed's HeartCamp. For other animal requests, please reach out to us.

The easiest way to reserve your spot is to "Reserve Your Spot" on our website. However, if you're booking more than one month in advance, Blind Seed does offer payment plans for HeartCamp if you are unable to pay the full reservation price immediately. Please reach out to us to learn more.

Does Blind Seed have payment plans or do I have to pay in full to reserve my spot?

Are youth welcome?



Young people are welcome at all Blind Seed events including at HeartCamp.  If you are joining us at HeartCamp with a young person under the age of 8, the young person can stay with you in your room free of charge, but you must purchase a private accommodation.  Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

Are tickets refundable?





Due to the involved planning & logistical commitment, we can't offer any cancellations or refunds. If you are traveling to join us, we strongly encourage you to have travel insurance to cover your costs in the event of strikes, natural disasters, health problems, and other unforeseen events.

Tickets can, however, be transferred to other guests. Please reach out to us if you'd like to arrange for a ticket name transfer.