From Blind Seed’s urban retreat workshops, to our weekend-long Heartcamp immersions, to private client coaching- here’s what participants have to say about their experiences with us…

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The Blind Seed retreat was a peaceful departure from city life- one I can count on to help me decompress and breathe deeply. Their workshops are nurturing, meditative and love filled. Powered by the heartfelt, top shelf cuisine, I left the retreat in a much more relaxed state of mind than I’d arrived in.
— T.C., Heartcamp
I completely loved the meditation/self care event at Dumbo House last week...I took notes and everything and shared with others. Looking forward to learning more...I’ma have all my friends caressing themselves between meetings and kegeling and breathing for creativity! Also, I loved having such beautiful, honest conversations about intimacy with queer, trans and all kinds of folks. The diversity of your audience was outstanding and very very powerful. While I work in a diverse institution, we kind of all go our separate ways after 5pm. Your event was a reminder I need to do more.
— K.G., Urban Retreat Workshop
Blind Seed’s manifestation coaching has been such a catalyzing force in my journey. Sara illuminates the path back to yourself. After only a few sessions, I developed more clarity on my goals than I had after years of traditional talk therapy. Her process has really interrupted my limiting thought pattens — teaching me how to nourish myself and center my needs first to manifest the life/career I want.
— C.S., Manifestation Coaching Client
The meditation was SO moving.... thank you. I was talking about it afterwards and literally just burst into tears. So full.
— D.C., Corporate Activation
I couldn’t miss [the autumn retreat] with you all ! Having blind seed kick off my summer literally lined me up for sooo much magic, expansion, healing, joy!
— T.H., Heartcamp
The Blind Seed Urban Retreat was a lovely steamy break from the cold New York winter. I loved learning techniques for harnessing my sex energy and putting that magic to use in my everyday life. The panel was really illuminating and the speakers were so knowledgeable about everything from herbal healing to BDSM.
— C.D., Urban Retreat Workshop
Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful time!
Tara, I have not done yoga in a few months so I was feeling a little stiff during digestive yoga but there was a touch you did while we were grounding ourselves that was out of this world - I instantly felt rooted and aligned. So that was the highlight of my trip!

[My partner] also sends his heartfelt appreciation, a dip into nature is exactly what he needed!
— A.P., Heartcamp