Wake up early in glamping or Queen Room accommodations and enjoy morning yoga or sleep in until breakfast is set out. Enjoy some cold brew alongside a full continental breakfast spread including offerings like fresh smoothies and make your own parfaits with local, organic yogurt, honey, fresh fruit, and granola.

Shared spaces are requested to be "silent" until 10AM so that you can take the morning to reflect, write, read a book in the sunshine on the porch, go for a morning swim or hike, or sunbathe.

At 10:30AM, attend an optional workshop hosted by one of our featured healers.


Lunch is set out at noon for you to help yourself to and eat where you please- on the porch, by the pool, in one of the common lounge areas, amongst the flowers on the grounds, or anywhere else!

Lunch is followed by an optional educational workshop hosted by one of our featured healers.  The afternoon workshops typically last 2-3 hours and can focus on herbal foraging + amber resin making, letter writing, indigo & natural plant dying, essential oil creation for your energetic composition, salve & balm creation for what ails you, etc.

Afterwards, join us for a tea ceremony & conversation where you learn how to make your own custom tea blend to ground or uplift your respective dosha and discuss the properties of Ayurvedic Healing.

The rest of the afternoon is open for inspiration and for what moves you- choose to lead a small hike, hang by the pool, head into town to visit the markets, or just spend the day relaxing on the grounds. Talk to us if you have an offering you'd like to share with the group!


An evening flow yoga class is offered at 5:30PM, followed by a family-style dinner served at 7PM.

Dinner is followed by "Digestion & Dialogue," hosted around the hearth, where we will choose a socio-political topic to dialogue on.

If the HeartCamp you attend falls around a New or Full Moon, we will likely host a Moon Ceremony and/or Breathwork workshop on one of the evenings as well.

In the evening, a featured healer offers an additional workshop- in the past we've offered transcendent soundbath meditations as well as a workshop on harnessing the elements for your personal manifestations.