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Late Autumn HeartCamp Vibes- Each Season is Unique


Blind Seed is a creative organization presenting intimate experiences designed to cultivate clarity and build positive momentum through self-care, meditative movement, and collective socially conscious education.

Presented by Blind Seed, HeartCamp is our main event- a seasonal, weekend retreat to a judgment-free space in the Catskills. At HeartCamp, we give ourselves permission to slow down, feel well, and connect to each other. 

Think: Sprawling green fields. Summer fruit with local cheese. Winding roads. Farmers markets. Meditation hikes. Sunset forests. Trickling streams. Sun gazing. Digestive yoga. Intention setting. Vegetarian family meals. Transcendent sound bath experiences. Practicing silence. Cacao ceremonies. Celestial workshops. Morning tea. Turning pages. Curling smoke. Dialogue. Quiet time. Deep gratitude.

HeartCamp builds an educational and self-empowerment component into a restorative yoga retreat framework. Clean food and beverages included are sustainable, local and organic. Opportunities for play, rest and learning are customized for participants, who leave feeling recharged and relaxed- and overall, empowered to continue creating positive momentum in their life.

Our early-Summer, Fall/Winter, and Spring HeartCamps all sold out— and our upcoming HeartCamp retreats will be announced here, so check back often + follow us on IG + join our list serve!

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What's Included

What's Included

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Featured Healers

Featured Healers

Below are some of our featured healers for past + upcoming HeartCamp retreats and Urban Workshop events!

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Tara Aura

Tara Purnell has dedicated her life to celebrating wellness and mindfully meditative arts– empowering people to feel better in their bodies and express their humanity. In 2013, she joined friends to introduce a hydrating, cold-pressed watermelon beverage to the market.  WTRMLN WTR is now sold nationally, and Tara continues to develop partnerships and boldly represent the WTRMLN WTR tribe in new markets. 

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Sara Elise

Sara Elise is the owner-designer of Harvest & Revel, an alternative catering company creating elegant, nutritious and ethically produced culinary experiences. She is also a freelance wellness & manifestation coach- providing sliding scale, community-focused guidance in realizing/remembering your fullest Self and personal expansiveness.


Yong-Moon Lee (-MOON) is an award winning Korean-American designer & DJ working with authentic brands to adapt and respond creatively to ever-changing environments.

Deeply influenced by his multicultural upbringing, Yong-Moon brings together an equal representation of Eastern and Western ideals in support of our human desire for global reconciliation.


Trae Harris

Trae is a Brooklynite by way of Baltimore who incorporates movement, poetic writing, film, and esoteric spirituality to re-imagine and highlight the lives and experiences of Queer Back Women in the Americas. Trae is passionately invested in artivism as a form of protest and praise and extends this passion as a facilitator for both youth and adults alike.  


Derrick little

Derrick is a NYC based artist and spiritual warrior who moonlights as a sacred sound musician and kundalini yoga teacher.  He also practices the art of Palmistry, Tarot, and the language of symbols.


Carmen Mayes

Carmen is the creator of Written in the Stars, a website that demystifies mysticism and gives practical uses for astrology and universal wisdom. As a Spiritual Wellness Coach, Carmen helps clients through times of transition and personal growth using spiritually aligned and mystical practices including Reiki, intuitive divination, earth medicine, and life coaching.


Eugene Vassilas

Eugene is a human development specialist, polyglot and entrepreneur. He spent 6 years studying and working with the foremost leaders in human change around the world, before blending the best of NLP, systemic, somatic, and trance work into his own method for his international clients.

He is also VP of the world-class private coaching organization, Handel Group.


Jenna Wortham

Jenna Wortham is a writer for the NY Times, podcaster (check out Still Processing!), urban herbalist, empath, and amateur videographer in Brooklyn. She also crafts a collective care newsletter that can be found by clicking the link below.


KALAH hill

Kalah helps others discover their true selves through our innate internal guidance systems of pleasure. As the founder of Pussy Consciousness, it is her intention to reclaim the wisdom and truth of our humanity by remembering our original erotic source.

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Personal Experiences

Personal Experiences

Blind Seed HeartCamp has the power to help you help and heal your whole self. From arrival to departure, everything was laid out intentionally for us- but without all the fuss and pretentiousness that typically comes in most wellness spaces. The estate grounds were unreal and I left the space feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Thanks Blind Seed!
— C. D.
Thank you so much for co-creating such a wonderful experience this weekend! The flavors, the energy, the wisdom, the spirit of it all was unforgettable.
— C. S.
Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful time! Tara, I have not done yoga in a few months so I was feeling a little stiff during digestive yoga but there was a touch you did while we were grounding ourselves that was out of this world - I instantly felt rooted and aligned. That was the highlight of my trip!
My boyfriend also sends his heartfelt appreciation, a dip into nature is exactly what he needed!
— A. P.
Last night’s [cacao ceremony + euphoric dance ritual] was great. Sara Elise did a nice job with the meditation and getting people to open and loosen up prior to the dance. Thank you for the cacao, healing food, space and energy. My heart feels much healthier after the retreat and I appreciate Sara Elise and Tara for the experience.
— D. M.
The Blind Seed retreat is a peaceful departure from city life— one I can count on to help me decompress and breathe deeply. Their workshops are nurturing, meditative and love filled. Powered by Sara Elise’s heartfelt, top shelf cuisine, I left the retreat in a much more relaxed state of mind than I’d arrived in.
— T. C.
[HeartCamp] is an amazing experience where nature, energy + astrological, herbal, and healing touches collide, whilst being emerged in a sea of beautiful path walkers trailing similar alchemies. What an experience to gather together to explore yourself (and others, if you shall choose) ... just fast enough to deep breathe yet quick enough to blink your eyes and realize you’ve healed in so many ways thanks to Blind Seed.
— J. C.