“If I’m not in alignment with myself and Source, I have nothing to offer anyone else conversationally, emotionally, or mentally. So I am dedicated to and focused on caring about the relationship with my inner self more than anything else. So should you.”

— Rey

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We base our work at blind seed on the pilars of meditational movement, gratitude awareness, intentional consumption, and energetic expression. We share these practices at our public events- but we found that they are also powerful tools in working with personal clients who want a deeper dive into their own growth.

Work with Blind seed to Jump start your change and tap into your personal expansion.  


For people ready for a serious change, Blind Seed offers in-person and virtual sliding-scale manifestation coaching to their clients all over the globe.

Whether you're tackling a large life decision, pivoting careers, or just want to focus on transforming your perspective and releasing what no longer serves you- Blind Seed provides solutions-oriented, holistic wellness & manifestation coaching to empower you to begin living at your fullest capacity.

If you want to begin to do the work to challenge your current way of existing and discover the truest version of your Self - then we’re here to work with you, encourage you, and hold you accountable.


During our initial consult- we will learn more about your desires, goals, and will establish the structure and dimension of our coaching relationship moving forward.

In our coaching sessions, we will address your fears, your current conflicts + blockages, and highlight the ways in which you might be upper limiting yourself. Our solutions-oriented coaching sessions will probe for the truth outside of the way you might already be existing.

After a progress review at the beginning of each session, we will combine deep breathing, visualization, and affirmation mantra writing to assist you with manifesting your desired life changes. In addition to those consistent practices during each meeting, we will also continue to always explore new topics in our sessions that can contribute to your overall healing and well-being.

We aim to look at your life holistically (mind + body + spirit), challenge any areas causing you to be stuck on existing in the status quo + limited belief systems that might not be serving you, highlight areas for improvement and change, and offer tools + resources for real-time healing.

Blind Seed Manifestation Coaching Will Help With:

  • Identifying your goals + making timelines, lists, and plans for action

  • Holding you accountable to the steps you desire for yourself

  • Somatic awareness

  • Intentional eating + the relationship of consumption to personal energy

  • Frequent assessment as well as tools for learning direct communication of your needs + feelings

  • Holding yourself accountable to your intuition + inner guide

  • Releasing anxiety + resistance while moving towards flow + acceptance

You deserve to live your best life. You deserve to let go of any limiting beliefs and negative self talk that you've held on to for too long. We’re here to help you get what you deserve.

Are you Feeling Called to Begin Doing the Work?

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Looking forward to potentially working together towards our collective elevation!

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