Blind Seed is a creative organization presenting intimate experiences designed to cultivate clarity and build positive momentum through self-care, meditative movement, and collective socially conscious education.

Presented by Blind Seed, HeartCamp is our main event- a seasonal, weekend retreat to a judgment-free space in the Hudson Valley. At HeartCamp, we give ourselves permission to slow down, feel well, and connect to each other. 

Think: sprawling fields of green. Grilled peaches with local cheese. Poolside yoga. Winding roads. Farmer's markets.  Mossy trails. Sunset forests. Penciled paper. Tea ceremonies. Morning massage. Vegetarian family meals. Practicing silence. Morning smoothies on sunshine decks. Turning pages. Curling smoke. Dialogue. Quiet time. Deep gratitude.

HeartCamp builds an educational and self-empowerment component into a restorative yoga retreat framework. Clean food and beverages included are sustainable, local and organic. Opportunities for play, rest and learning are customized for participants, who leave feeling recharged and relaxed- and overall, empowered to continue creating positive momentum in their life.

Our early-Summer HeartCamp sold out early and was a huge success!
And our late-Summer HeartCamp, hosted at a gorgeous upstate NY estate, is now open for registration.

Reserve your spot today!