At HeartCamp, we serve wholesome vegetarian meals all sourced from local New York farms.  The meals are prepared fresh each day with love by co-founder Sara Elise (owner of Harvest & Revel, an alternative catering company based in Brooklyn, NY).


A stationary evening spread will be set out to eat at your leisure as you arrive and get settled in.

On Friday evening, there will be a Welcoming Intention Setting Ritual for the weekend with provided snacks and tea.


A stationary continental breakfast spread will be set out to eat at your leisure including fresh fruit, fresh bread with local butter and jams, hot coffee & tea, and cold brew with almond milk and honey.

In the afternoon, a light stationary lunch spread will be set out-  think avocado toast with shaved radish, micro greens, sea salt accompanying large green and grain salads.

Saturday evening, HeartCamp will host a seated Family Dinner for all participants including starters, multiple family-style main and side dishes, and a sweet item to end. There will also be a discussion on food sustainability, seasonality, and ethical sourcing practices.


A stationary brunch spread will be set out for you to eat- think oatmeal with toasted almonds, sweet potato & coconut milk; frittata with herbs, crumbled feta, and garlic scape pesto; herb-roasted potatoes; and fresh fruit.

Enjoy Sunday dinner in town or stick around the property to relax and use fresh produce leftover from the retreat to make your own "upcycled" dinner!


A fresh smoothie will be made to send you on your way with sustenance!


Throughout each day- iced lemon water, cold brew, and various snacks will be set out available for noshing.

Please make sure to notify us if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.